Historical Time-Line Figures on CD-ROM

So you found a great timeline book but have nothing to put in it. How about Historical Time-Line Figures? This project began as a school project by Libby, eldest daughter of Josh and Cindy Wiggers of Geography Matters. The set includes 312 timeline figures, 8 reproducible family heritage figures (to represent Grandma or Uncle Jim), and 20 generic customizable figures. Seven types of borders are used to indicate different time periods. The set also includes the "Who Am I" game, a set of 80 cards with four to six clues about a person or event. An eyecatching product. Way to go, Libby! Bible Timeline Figures on CD-ROM is also available, to complement your ancient history or Bible studies. Both CD-ROMs are Mac and PC compatible, require 128 MB of RAM, and use Adobe Reader 4.0 (included) or higher.

Illustrated with charming cartoons, this timeline series begs kids to pick them up and peruse their content. Colorful pages have dates with a couple of sentences on each topic, with 2-4 topics per page. The horizontal format (11" x 9") lets you see how events relate to each other in a long 2-page spread. These make a fun visual addition to a unit study or to bring a textbook chapter to life. Use the snippets of information as a springboard for further research. 32 pgs, pb. ~Sara

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