Book of the Centuries

Due to popular demand, we carry the Book of the Centuries in addition to We Signed the Declaration When Beethoven was Five..., a similar product that was produced several years prior to the publication of Book of the Centuries. Originally, the Book of the Centuries was substantially less expensive that We Signed, largely due to the fact that it was a simple, spiral bound product. However, it is now being produced only in binder form, which allows you to add more pages as needed, but adds to the expense of the finished product. To help you decide which product will best suit your needs, we thought we'd identify the differences as best we could, and let you choose!

-Book of the Centuries is on regular paper. We Signed... is printed on con-tinuous cardstock.

BOC now has a reproducible timeline page for periods when you need more pages, a colored page to separate B.C. and A.D., and more space from 2000 to 2005 giving you a full page for each year to add current events. Now, those of you who can't attend exhibits and see them side by side will, hopefully, have a better view of the differences.

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