Bible Geography

Do you want to add some geographical depth to your Bible study program - or perhaps you're reading through the Bible in a year (like I am) and want a light touch of geographical perspective. These workbooks would be perfect for either purpose. I think they could also be used successfully with family devotions as the maps are easy to read. Each book covers the basic geography of a testament in 13 lessons. Lessons are four pages each and include a page of questions about a certain time period (i.e. period of the Judges - about 1370 - 1030 B.C.) These questions are historical and are a combination of multiple choice, short answer, or in the case of Judges, put the judges in order. Questions typically include Scripture references. Although lessons always include a map and often a timeline, the other content can vary. For instance, in the Judges lesson there are thought questions referencing certain portions of scripture. One question in this lesson asks about Abimelech, who some books call a judge but this book considers an oppressor. The student is asked to determine which and defend his answer. The last page is a chart listing the judge, "his/her" scripture passage, and a place to write interesting information. There are more maps in the NT book as the lessons follow first the life of Christ and then the missionary journeys of Paul and the other apostles. A one-page final quiz answer worksheet holding write-in blanks is provided at the end of each book, but the teacher is expected to choose the questions from the previous course content. These books are consumable worktexts (non-reproducible) but the price point is reasonable. No answers are included, so this really is a workbook to use alongside your reading of the Bible. 54 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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