Draw & Solve Word Problems

Many children have difficulty with word problems, yet these are a very big part of math standards. This series teaches children how to draw and model grade level appropriate word problems to reinforce and supplement your math curriculum. Similar to the bar-modeling that you see in Singapore math programs, the problems in these books encourage children to draw images to solve problems. An example at grade 1: "A girl makes 12 big cakes and 5 little cakes. How many cakes does she make in all?" Children are given a blank space in which to draw the cakes in order to solve. Grade 1 does addition and subtraction and provides 1 or 2 problems per page. At Grade 2, a child is presented with a word problem and then asked to "Show Your Strategy." Space is provided for students to model or draw the way in which they reach their conclusion or answer to the word problem. Grade 2 covers practice with addition, subtraction, and beginning multiplication. Grade 3 offers practice with multiplication and division with 3 problems per page. The first two practice problems are word problems or equations with space to draw their solution, the third problem may be an opportunity for students to write their own word problem based on a given equation or offer an additional word problem. If you are concerned about standards being met, a correlation list is found at the back of each book. The number of pages in each book varies by level, and permission is given to the purchaser for reproduction. ~ Donna

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