K'Nex Mighty Makers

Girl power building sets that model careers in STEM? Im in! Welcome to the world of Mighty Makers. Help Emily build a Fun Ferris Wheel, ticket booth, and snack booth. Learn about engineering, then go online and download directions for a swinging pirate ship ride and a boardwalk game where she can win Cocoa the Bear.

Help Marissa and her fish Queen build a submarine and underwater scene. Learn about Marine Biology, then go online and get instructions for a food chain diorama and mermaid castle (Surprise! Marissa is secretly a mermaid!).

Join Ava and her bird Jay as they build an airplane and hang glider. Learn about Aviation, then go online and get instructions for a butterfly and flying contraption.

Help Zoe and her hedgehog Roland build a greenhouse, windmill, and garden. Learn about Botany, then go online and get instructions for three kinds of leaves and a flower pot.

Help architect Sophia and interior decorator Brianna build colonial and ranch-style houses. Learn about architecture, then go online and get instructions for a brownstone home and a picture frame.

All KNex rods and connectors are made in America, so while that isnt every part, it is about 75% or more of most sets. Each set contains one figure and their pet except for the Home Designer set, which contains two figures. Lets get building! Laura

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Grades: 2-AD
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Grades: 2-7
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