How to Be a ______ Series

The books in this series are fun for students and share a wealth of information about different historical jobs. Following the tips in these books, readers will learn how to be everything from a pirate to a Greek athlete. The books have a great format that is interactive for readers and colorful. Readers imagine they are considering starting a career as the featured profession, and the book takes them step by step through the tools they will need, what they will wear, responsibilities they will have, dangers they face, salary, perks to the job, and little tidbits of historical data. The information is presented in little pieces, with colorful drawings and photographs illustrating the text. At the end of each book, there is an eight-question "interview" where readers see how much information they can remember about the job and see if they are qualified for the profession. A glossary, index, and further reading suggestions are also included in each book. This is a great way to give students a very thorough and fun look at the different jobs in history. 32 full-color pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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