First Grade Math with Confidence

Children can commonly start grade 1 at the age of six years, or when they are able to count to at least 10, write numbers 1-10, identify basic shapes, and solve simple addition or subtraction word problems with objects. Topics include reading, writing, and comparing numbers to 100, place value to 100, mastery of addition and subtraction facts through 20, solving addition and subtraction word problems, charts and bar graphs, fractions (1/2, ¼) measurements, shapes, money, and time. Recommended manipulatives include 125 small counters, pattern blocks, coins, play money, 200 index cards, playing cards and dice, clocks with hands, 12” ruler, blank paper, pencils, and binder with plastic page protectors (2). Various household items are mentioned, for example: small toy, zip top bags, digital clock, etc.

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