Sterling Point History Series

"Wow! Where did this awesome, high-interest history series suddenly appear from, and where did they get such great authors?" I wondered, as I flipped through several of these volumes. While I eventually got my answer, it was not what I was expecting... The Sterling Point series is actually made up of quite a few previously out-of-print Landmark titles (which are always in high demand among us homeschoolers!) and other older history titles, all reprinted under the Sterling Point name. One of the Landmark books you might recognize below is Invasion: Story of D-Day by Bruce Bliven. The titles have been reprinted, with striking covers and new maps added. Flipping through my stack of samples, I see original publication dates from between the 50’s and 70’s, and even the titles that are not official Landmark titles are well-written and absorbing. Please note that these are slowly going out of print in this series, but many titles have transitioned to the Voyageur Books series. Paperback. – Jess

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