Witness to History Series

This fascinating series takes a close-up look at major events in history, right alongside eyewitness accounts and primary documents from each stage of the event. Each two-page spread focuses on a different aspect of the event or time period, with well-written and informational text featured on the left-hand page, and an excerpt from a primary document, personal recollections and memoirs, current newspapers or letters, and eyewitness accounts featured on the right-hand page. Photographs, diagrams, period artwork and artifacts are generously splashed across the pages, to give you a visual and textual sense of the event. The books also include a timeline, suggested sources for further research, and a list of primary sources on the internet web at the end. I found myself entirely absorbed in the eyewitness accounts in the review copy of D-Day Landings when it came time to write this review! - Jess

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