Suzanne S. Art Early Times Books

This series provides a very thorough, detailed study of several different past civilizations. Each book has two (or more) units (several chapters each) and reviews the civilization chronologically. The books not only cover general information about food, religion, trade, education, art, and government, but also specific details of wars, time periods, events, and famous people. The books are formatted and read like history textbooks and can actually be used for a year's worth of study or for unit studies. There are review questions after each chapter to make sure students are catching important details. There is no answer key in the books for these questions, but the answers can easily be found in the text. There are a dozen or so short answer questions, and then there are several deep thinking questions for every chapter, which encourage students to develop their opinions or critical thinking. A few project ideas are also included after each chapter, which prompt students to draw maps or timelines, write essays, and read recommended books that correlate with the chapter. Each book includes black and white maps, diagrams, drawings, and photographs, as well as a timeline of important events in each civilization. An index and pronunciation guide are included, along with the complete list of recommended supplementary readings. ~ Rachel S.

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Grades: 5-8
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