Presidential Election Process Lapbook Sets

In addition to the typical contents and assembly directions, each lapbook kit includes a teacher's guide with a series of questions whose answers provide the content for the mini-books along with a 20 page information booklet containing many of the answers as well as website and resource references. The questions become a research guide for the project and would likewise provide the framework for a unit study on the subject. Topics include political parties, election process, requirements for President, electoral college, primary elections & caucuses, electoral college map, the history of the political parties and many more. Many of the topics are the same between the K-5 kits and the 6-12 grade kits but the older version includes some additional, mini essay-requiring analysis questions. CD-ROMS provide .pdf files so you can print out and assemble all of the pieces for the lapbooks. These are a good choice for more than one student, but you'll need to provide the paper (colored, if you wish) and file folders. Pre-printed booklets contain all of the lapbook piece printouts to cut out and assemble one lapbook. If file folders are hard to get ahold of, tag stock of tag board can be used as a substitute. Pre-assembled lapbooks are just that - all you have to do is fill them in! ~ Janice

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