Eye Wonder Series

Eyewitness books written for the younger crowd! While kids of all ages can enjoy the plentiful pictures in the Eyewitness books, the text can be challenging for them. Eye Wonder books feature the same array of gorgeous pictures and photos, and pairs them with simpler text that younger children can read. These are truly an enticing way to introduce young students to history. Our sample, Castle and Knight, covers 21 different topics in an eye-opening way. Loaded with full-color photographs and illustrations, readers will learn about early castles, how castles changed, who lived in castles, what food they ate, leisure time, castles under siege, defenses, knight school, armor, weapons, jousting, heraldry, the crusades, castles around the world, and more. Explorer takes a look at the history of exploration, and some of the "key figures" in exploration history in the same manner. Books are 48 pages and hardcover. ~ Zach

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