Soli Deo Gloria History Unit Studies

If you're looking for a well-organized, well-laid out framework to use as you study various topics, these well-done unit studies should fit the bill. Representing various lengths of study time from 1-2 weeks (Mighty Mississippi) to 30 weeks (American Presidents) as well as slightly different targeted grade levels, they also each cover different subject and skill areas. They are, however, consistently well put together, thorough in the skill areas covered, and uncluttered in their appearance. Required and optional resources are well noted at the beginning of each study. Thoroughly integrated with a biblical worldview and with a continual emphasis on God's sovereignty in all things, these unit studies have the student build extensive notebooks, make timelines and do dictation/copywork such as quotes from each President. Language arts skills, some math skills, Bible, arts/crafts, science or history (depending on study) are covered. The author, Kim Kargbo, recommends using an additional comprehensive math curriculum; other users may want to add systematic spelling and grammar programs. Lessons are either clearly laid out by weeks or by categories where the teacher makes a selection from each for daily/weekly work. There is a nice selection of hands-on activities. The studies contain a varying number of well-crafted worksheets which are reproducible for home use. Examples of these: Presidential profile sheets, a leadership quality survey, slavery/freedom Bible study, and vocabulary and language arts worksheets. Where needed, complete answer keys are provided. Unassuming in appearance, these are quality educational tools. Although targeted grade levels are given for each study, the author notes they could be adapted for one-two grades either above or below. I would echo this - particularly for grades above. The organizational structure is typically meaty and with adjustments in reading level and work expectations, the grade levels could easily be extended. ~ Janice

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