History Links Unit Studies

History Links is a Catholic-based series of unit studies covering, at the current time, from Creation through the Early Medieval era. The series got its start when a homeschooling mother decided she did not want her children to have the same educational experience with history that she had in school - she did not want them to think of history as a boring old subject, but rather as a fun, memorable, and hands-on experience. In light of that, history is explored through many different angles, including classical writings, original texts, field trips, hands-on activities, research projects, and writing projects (a good number of which come from the Institute for Excellence in Writing). Unit one is foundational to all the other units, and it includes an extensive introduction to the series. This introduction outlines the authors' philosophy, acquaints readers with the course, and details how to use the units in general, with notes on the margins, the activities, lesson planning, unit completion, co-ops, babies and toddlers, high-school students, curriculum needs, resource needs, recommended resources, ongoing projects, and with guidelines for writing reports and research papers. Unit #2 is on Creation, and begins the chronological flow of history studied. There is quite a bit of science and theology incorporated into the unit - so much so that the author recommends skipping over it if you are using the unit with only young elementary students (or altering some sections if using with both older and younger students). Middle school and high school students should be able to tackle the concepts without feeling as "bogged down" in the science and doctrine, and upper-elementary students will be able to complete parts of the study as well. The remainder of the units are much more history-based and easy to use with both older and younger students alike. The projects and activities are a good mixture of hands-on and book-work, so parents and students can choose what kind of activities will work best - and lean more one way or the other, or stay with a mixture. The Catholic faith is very strongly integrated into the course, so this becomes not only a chronological study of world history, but a study in Church history and faith-building based on Catholic doctrine and tradition. Packed full of all kinds of projects and activities, there will be no trouble filling up the entire 2-4 months recommended per unit (1-2 months for unit one). All are softcover, spiral bound books. ~ Zach

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