What in the World is Going On Here? Audio CDs

People who have had the opportunity to hear Diana Waring speak live at a homeschooling convention have experienced an amazing thing - they've told me so. It's impossible to not be drawn in by the enthusiasm, the incredible depth of knowledge, love for the subject, and the dynamic style which characterizes Diana's seminars and workshops. That same experience can be at your very finger-tips with these recordings of Diana Waring presenting the history of the world, Creation to the mid-20th century, from a Judeo-Christian perspective. This series of audio CDs is made up of three volumes, one for each of the following periods: Creation to Christ, Resurrection to Revolution, and Napoleon to Korea. Each CD set contains four high quality, digitally recorded CDs of even more evidence that history the way the Bible tells it is correct. From students to teachers, high school to college-bound, professors to 10-year olds, the praise and acclaim for this series is very wide spread, crossing not only state lines but also international borders. It is both a complete, stand-alone overview of history as well as the central part of the world history curriculum by Diana Waring. ~ Zach

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