Thinking Like a Christian

Well-known for their work in the area of worldviews, this is another course from David Noebel and Chuck Edwards. In Understanding the Times, Mr. Noebel let Christianity and the other three main worldviews speak for themselves. In a number of different topics that were compared through the filter of these different worldviews, Christianity clearly came out as the most logical, most thorough, and most truthful worldview. Now, in this study of worldviews, we take a closer look at the Christian worldview as it applies to the following areas: thinking about worldviews (what is a worldview), theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history. The last chapter does look at why Christians should understand other worldviews and goes on to explain briefly the Marxist/Leninist worldview, the Secular Humanist worldview, and the Cosmic Humanist worldview. There are a number of different components to this course which can be used independently or in a combined study for the best learning experience. As well as the Teaching Textbook, which is the book that contains the text for the above topics, there is a Student Journal, a DVD, and a CD Learner's Guide (which is included in the Teaching Textbook). The chapters in the Student Journal correspond with the chapters in the Teaching Text, each chapter containing five daily exercises making this a five-days-a-week, twelve week course. This should give plenty of time for students to take in the sometimes heavy ideas which are a part of the study and understanding of worldviews. The DVD is a 60-minute long, documentary-style aid for review and summary. The 45 minute CD-ROM is an interactive format that introduces students to each week's new topic. It has lesson plans and other resources such as creative activities, worksheets, reproducible handouts, and adaptable teaching outlines. The Student Journal is consumable, and both it and the textbook have black and white photos throughout. This is a very comprehensive worldviews course written by people with years of experience educating Christians in what it means to have a thoroughly consistent Christian worldview. Your worldviews studies will be headed in the right direction with this set. ~ Zach

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