Egalitarians believe men and women are equal in the eyes of God and, therefore, should be equal in the eyes of men. While recognizing complementary differences in the genders, this group advocates partnership between men and women, believing this was God's intention from the beginning and may now be "restored." Men and women were jointly given dominion over the earth as partners. The fall caused shame and separation between the sexes, including the domination of males over females. Since Christ's redeeming work on the cross, women are now free to be full heirs and partners in the body of Christ. They are called and gifted by God and may even be called and gifted to lead, preach and teach. Supporters of this position have also formed an organization called Christians for Biblical Equality. Several of the many proponents of this position include Douglas Groothuis, Ronald Pierce, Rebecca Merrill Groothuis, Gordon Fee, Linda Belleville, Stanley Grenz, Alvera Mickelsen, and Gilbert Bilezikian.

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