Daily Character Education Activities

Character education is often left out of the classroom, but it is more important to have outstanding character than outstanding academic skills. This book recognizes the value of teaching good character in a classroom environment. It arms the teacher with lessons for a full school year covering citizenship, compassion, fairness, honesty, integrity, perseverance, responsibility, respect, self-discipline, and trustworthiness. Each quality is covered through a variety of daily activities for 3-4 weeks; the weekly activities follow the same format. On Mondays, the lesson is introduced through a children's story, poem, or quote. Follow-up discussion questions are provided to encourage children to think about the trait. Every Tuesday's exercise engages children in the concept by using questions or projects as prompts for students to show their understanding of the topic. Wednesday's lessons involve fun projects, brainstorming sessions, or worksheets about the character trait as well as "Take-Home Activities" in which students involve their parents in the lesson from that day. Thursdays provide an opportunity for children to share their parents' responses to the take home activities and provide further discussion. On Friday's, games, plays, and other active activities wrap up the week's lesson. Although designed for use with a group of children, it is possible to adapt most of the activities for use with one or two children and still benefit from the ideas. ~ Steph

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