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Sometimes a video is a nice way to introduce a subject or provide a needed break from textbook learning. This Just The Facts Learning Series provides great DVDs that are factual and very informative. Each of the recordings features 2-3 experts on the highlighted historical period from various backgrounds (though all are usually professors at some prestigious university). For example, the DVD on the Reformation features a history professor, a religion professor, and a nun who is also a theologian, so you get a well-rounded look at the topic. All the videos are basically an interview about the featured time period with each of the experts, edited together in an entertaining way. With a narrator and the experts providing voice-overs that elaborate on the subject, the films include video of modern remains and artifacts from the featured time period, re-enactments, zoom-ins on old illustrations, artifacts, famous paintings, and some very helpful map clips that help you visualize where these things happened. Some of the DVDs have more or less of certain kinds of clips, just because of what can be found (for example, the Rome version includes more video of ancient Roman ruins since lots can be found, while the Renaissance has a few more still shots of famous paintings or invention plans and the Middle Ages has more re-enactments of things like jousts). Pretty much everything you'd want to know about each era is touched on, so you get a solid overall look that includes architecture, city infrastructures, art, literature, law, traditions, famous leaders, historic events, daily life, religion, wars, and lasting impacts of the era. Each program highlights how each era built up to the next one, so watching all four of these movies gives you a really good look at the overall timeline of history. Individually or as a group, these fact-filled DVDs will add a nice visual break to your history studies. Each DVD runs approximately 50 minutes, with the Reformation DVD running 30 minutes. ~Rachel

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