Gotta Have God 2

The Gotta Have God Devotional Series for boys was so popular, they just had to make more. With a slightly edgier look, these books present high-quality devotionals in the same format as the original series. Each daily devotional has a memory verse, a short story to apply to your life, a few questions about the verse/story, a prayer, and a creative activity or exercise. The ages 2-5 book focuses on the fact that God is always with them, highlighting that he is both friend and protector. 108 devotionals are included, covering faith, scaring others, lying, insecurity, patience, attitude, vanity, and more. The book for ages 6-9, built on a construction theme, focuses on how God has a plan for every life and includes over 100 devotions. It covers the tools you need to do God's work, how to pray, having a happy heart, having a strong mind, gaining wisdom, and more. The ages 10-12 book focuses on how God is your friend and has a plan for your life. With 100+ devotions, it explores God's place in daily life, how to have self-respect, always doing your best, making friends, having the fruits of the Spirit, handling hard times, knowing Jesus, making the world a better place, and more. A great, ready-made way to get your young boys thinking about God and His plan for their lives. Spiral-bound books with answer key in back. ~ Rachel

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