Faith Factor Series

I became a Christian two years before we began homeschooling. What I noticed about homeschooling Christian families compared to other Christian families was that the homeschooling families were more likely to take the whole of God's Word to heart. They seemed to understand that the Bible would really change your life if you took it seriously. In that same spirit, Jackie Perseghetti has written these devotional books to challenge the young Christian to learn and grow by getting into the Word. The formats of the two books are identical but focus on different parts of the Bible. Faith Factor NT covers all the books of the New Testament while Faith Factor OT covers all of the Old Testament. Each devotion is broken into four sections and based on a chapter or group of chapters from a particular book of the Bible. Each section begins with an overview of the section about to be read. The devotion begins, appropriately, with prayer. A Focus Question is presented to get students thinking before they dive into Scripture. Then, a key verse or passage is studied. The final part of each lesson is a "Fruit" section where the book asks pointed questions and provides application statements. Much of the devotion is a summarization and explanation of the text from the Bible. Helpful historical or cultural tidbits are sprinkled throughout the pages. Altogether, you get over 100 devotions in each book and students will get a mature look at all the books of the Bible while learning to apply the content to their own lives. Previously

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