Instant Grammar Practice Kids Will Love!

In my family, the words "grammar" and "love" tend to go together like oil and water! So, when these supplemental workbooks were presented to me, I was naturally skeptical. To my delight, although not guaranteed to create grammar lovers, the engaging activities in these workbooks may bring a bit of fun into grammar! So often we bore our children to tears through endless drill when all we really want is for them to learn how to speak and write well. The forty-plus activities in this book will reinforce practical grammar skills through puzzles, story writing, picture drawing, poems, riddles, flip books, and more. The variety of activities designed to reinforce grammar will keep children interested and dare I say, loving, grammar! For the Parent/Teacher, there is also much here for you to love as well. Connected to Language Art standards, you will find Teacher Notes at the beginning and Answers in the back, making this supplemental workbook easy to use. The 4th-5th grade workbook also includes a student assessment chart. 48 pgs. Pb. Reproducible for classroom use. ~ Deanne

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