Above & Beyond Five in a Row

Why not continue a good thing? Like the other FIAR studies, with Above and Beyond, you can read a wonderful book (Hitty: Her First One Hundred Years) that crosses centuries and continents while covering topics in five principal areas: History and Geography (Ireland), Language Arts (writing your own memoirs), Science (bats), the Fine Arts (drawing animals more realistically), and Human Relationships (listening to your conscience) [examples are all from Chapter 1]. And like the other FIAR studies, the emphasis is on "loving to learn" although at this level the study is more self-guided where the student will benefit from working together with his/her teacher but does not "have" to. You will still need to provide math, spelling and grammar separately but Above & Beyond can be used as a stand-alone 6-8 week unit study or as a change-of-pace supplement to other curricula. There's complete flexibility - you can go at your own pace or follow your interests with the goal of learning every day; of actively expanding knowledge. Writing a research paper is an Above & Beyond project and the student is led step-by-step through the process. She/He is also encouraged to participate in a meaningful service project. ~ Janice

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