Case for a Creator

From Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith, comes another great book showing how science and logic support the truth of the Bible. This book focuses specifically on creation and spends the majority of the time disproving evolution using true science. The author uses his own insights and wisdom gained in his pursuit of understanding God and creation, but as a renowned journalist, he also does his research and interviews several people, including doctors, scientists, biophysicists, and more, all who have impressive credentials and degrees from top universities. The book begins by showing how the author's own views about evolution had been formed as a student and how stereotypes of Christians made it seem like intelligent people believe in evolution and Christians believe in creation. Chapter two explains some of the evolutionary images that students learn about in schools and almost everyone sees at some point, like Darwin's Tree of Life and various "missing links." The chapters deal with how science and logic can and should be part of faith and point out the many flaws identified in Darwin's theory, even by atheistic scientists. Individual chapters deal with evidence for a Creator found in cosmology, physics, astronomy, biochemistry, DNA, and human consciousness. Though many of the topics covered are scientific and complex, the author explains them in an easy to understand way and bases them around his interviews with noted scientists. A great read for anyone who is questioning the validity of evolution, wondering if there is any science behind creationism, or looking for scientific arguments to refute evolution. 340 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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