Soft Skills Solution Booklets

How do you prepare your high school student for their career? Besides those all-important classes, what about teaching them Soft Skills.' Soft Skills are the skills you need to work well with others. Some of those skills are things that they have worked on their whole lives attitude, goal-setting, and other positive attributes. Some skills need to be taught and honed ethics, negotiating conflict resolution, time management, etc. This series of books is a wonderful tool for helping high school students, and even adults, who will be entering the work force for the first time.

Work through the entire series or just the topics you want; each book can be used as a stand-alone. Use them to assess and evaluate skills, then gain valuable information to improve. Employers want more than just the qualified; they want soft skills. Each section includes objectives, information on the topics, self-assessments, and questions that are an opportunity to apply what you have learned. Some books have suggestions for short videos that can be watched on the topic. Books are short (24 40 pages), black and white, and consumable.

Don't just be good at what you do; excel at what you do. Employers will notice the difference. ~ Donna

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