Dallas High Schools Bible Study Course

Can you believe that as recently as the early 1950s, the National Education Association encouraged Bible reading in public schools? Times have changed. This course was the one used in the Dallas, Texas, public schools for several decades. The books are divided into lessons based on some common theme; a lesson, depending on the amount of reading required, may take one to several days. Bible references for reading are listed by subtopic. References list chapter and verses to be read, so any version of the Bible will work with this course. After the reading selections, comprehension questions ensure that the student remembers and understands what is read. A memory verse is included in each lesson; this is given in the King James Version, so you might want to substitute the version that you normally use for this. Follow-up exercises also include locating places on a map (maps included are limited, so you will want another source), giving definitions of terms (most of which are included in the glossary), and identifying principal characters in the readings. Various and sundry information is given in the appendix. All in all, these inexpensive books provide an excellent in-depth study of the entire Bible suitable for individuals or groups of youth or adults.

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