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The Gruber test prep guides have typically been my favorite. Why? Well, they do share many characteristics with other test prep books but I think their explanatory answers for practice test questions are more detailed and stronger. These books start with a test overview and then direct the student to take a very short practice test (SAT book also has a strategy diagnostic test) which they say is indicative of your pre-prep score. Then the focus shifts to Math, with several sections covering the most important math questions, strategies, and a math refresher course. Vocabulary Building is next followed by a Grammar and Usage strategies/refresher section. The final specific emphasis is on the writing test with tips for writing a best essay and strategies/sample questions for the other types of writing questions. The book concludes with practice tests (SAT book has five; ACT book has three); this is where the strength of the explanatory answers shows up. The ACT test book also includes a section prepping for the Science portion of that test. (SAT - 1056 pgs, pb; ACT - 768 pgs, pb) ~ Janice

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