Memoria Press Guide to the National Latin Exam

These Memoria Press Guides provide the study material needed to prepare for the National Latin Exams which are taken by students annually. The three levels of the NLE (Intro, Level I, and Level II) cover Roman history, geography, culture, mythology, and numbers as well as grammar and translation. There is overlap among the Guides in terms of content included. All the information in the Introductory Guide is included (and augmented) in the Level I Guide. All the information from both the Introductory Guide and the Level I Guide is included in the Level II Guide. Vocabulary/Derivatives, Grammar/Syntax, and Latin in Use are all expanded at each level while the information on Culture/Civilization is repeated. There are sample questions (with answer keys) in these books but you may also want to download previous exams which are available on the NLE website.

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