Visual Mind Benders

At the most basic level, these are visual pattern puzzles. In the Level B book, for instance, each puzzle involves 3 figures (triangle, square, circle), 3 shades (black, white, gray), and 3 locations (left, middle, right). Each puzzle solution must contain at least one triangle, circle, and square. By applying your deductive reasoning skills to the clues provided, you solve the puzzle by determining the location and shade of each figure. There may be more than one possible solution and you have to find them all. In Level C, an additional figure, the hexagon, and a new shade are introduced into the mix. I was surprised at how challenging it can be to keep track of the possible solutions and eliminate possibilities in your head. To make things easier, however, the good people at Critical Thinking provide a reproducible page of figures you can cut out and actually put on the solution slots as you work through a puzzle. 30 pgs each. ~ Anh

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