Weaver Curriculum

There are currently five volumes available in the basic Weaver Curriculum. Each volume is centered around a portion of the Scripture (see chart below for topics). The curriculum was created by Rebecca Avery and her mother to fulfill the need for a comprehensive, multi-level, activity-based, unit study curriculum using the Bible as its framework. These goals were beautifully met in the end product. Each volume is a year or more of curriculum covering Bible, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Vocabulary, Health, Field Trips, Observation Projects, and Memory Verses. Color-coded grade level divisions help you determine the progress of each child using the curriculum. As with any unit study curriculum, some supplementation is needed. Mathematics is not included, and you will need a phonics program for the earlier grades, and a grammar and composition program for children who can read and write. The Weaver has developed some products, like Wisdom Words to use along with the Weaver Curriculum. Currently, they recommend using Horizons Math for grades 1- 5, though any math program you choose may be used, as there is no integration with the basic curriculum. Each Weaver volume is also supported by a Day-By-Day volume, containing detailed lesson plans for its corresponding curriculum volume. While the Day-by-Day volumes are optional, Rebecca estimates that it will take you from 4-6 hours every two weeks in lesson planning without them. All you need to add are your Math and Reading assignments! Supplies lists, specific teaching tips, and resource books (down to the page numbers) are included in each daily plan. The Day-By-Day plans also integrate Wisdom Words objectives by grade level and creative writing ideas for the day. If you use Wisdom Words and the suggested resources, you'll certainly want to consider using these ready-made plans. Resource books have been selected by the author to complement the topics studied in the Weaver volumes. These are not vital to using The Weaver, but designed to save you time and effort in compiling references and resources to use with the curriculum. We do carry most of the available resources; they can be found throughout the catalog in their appropriate subject sections. Please contact us if you would like a list of the resources used.

If you want to "taste" before you buy, a sample booklet is available.

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