What Your _______ Graders Needs to Know

Designed for use as a supplement to a basal curriculum, E. D. Hirsch's series adds historical and literary study (such as would be found in a classical curriculum) to the typical school curriculum. These guides cover things such as Language Arts, World history and geography, American history and geography, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences. The selections are interesting and the format makes these books easy to use. There are also sections for the parent introducing each subject area and providing helpful information on using the selections. Many of the topics could form the basis for interesting unit studies. While you will need to use something more for a complete curriculum (additional math lessons or program, spelling, handwriting), these books should go a long way in extending your teaching to include a more "classical" component. Or consider using them as originally intended - spending the suggested 15 minutes per day going through them with your children as an interesting cultural extension for school. Paperback.


Please note that the K-8 Core Knowledge Sequence is now available as a free download at www.coreknowledge.org.

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