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When professional electrical engineers are working, they often use oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers to see the electrical signals in circuits. While we don't all have access to this kind of equipment, these two Snap Circuit Kits include special software and an interface cable to let aspiring engineers replicate this technology. Both kits below come with a computer interface kit that includes a CD-ROM, instructions, and an interface cable. The CD-ROM contains .pdf files which get students started using the cable, and includes 73 experiments that can be done with this equipment. The instructions on the CD are full-color, are laid out similarly to the ones in the books, and can be printed off as well. System requirements: Windows 95 or later, and a working microphone port. If your student is serious about electronics, they will enjoy using one of these more "professional" kits. - Jess

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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Grades: 3-6
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