Adventures with Atoms and Molecules

This book contains thirty illustrated experiments that are easy and fun to complete. The simple chemistry experiments each begin by asking a general chemistry question such as, "Do molecules move?" or "Are rubber molecules less bouncy when cold?" or "Can salt remove water from the air?" Each experiment includes a complete materials list. Most of the required materials are common items such as food coloring, salt, baking soda, rubber bands, and paper clips. All of the projects also include proper procedures, things to look for, and a thorough discussion of the results. Learn about the basic principles of chemistry in a hands-on and fun way with this great book. ~ Rachel

What is the link between cooking, firefighting, medicine, fabric, fireworks, and vegetables? The answer is chemistry! While chemistry may be something done in the laboratory by scientists, chemistry is also commonly used in factories and chemical plants, not to mention in the home too. The books in this series are designed to introduce children to the basic principles of chemistry through understandable text, brightly colored illustrations, and simple experiments. The informative experiments follow the fourstep

scientific process and use common household materials such as vinegar, purple cabbage, baking soda, galvanized nails/screws, modeling clay, etc. Each book also contains a reference section with the periodic table and a glossary of technical terms. 48 pgs, pb. ~Deanne

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