Developing Critical Thinking Through Science

A totally hands-on approach to physical science through activities, requiring minimal preparation time for Mom or Dad. Already in lesson plan format, all you need to do is gather the needed materials and go. Each activity is a complete lesson formulated around a specific concept, such as "Understanding Refraction." The lesson goal, skills learned, materials needed, preparation required, and approximate time needed for preparation and lesson are all stated at the beginning of each activity. The activity itself is presented in question and answer format; as you lead your children through the activity, you simultaneously lead them to express their thoughts and ideas about each step. The dialogue is all written out for you, and carefully designed to encourage the development of students' critical thinking skills. There are no texts, no worksheets, no "clutter" - students learn by actively observing and doing. Because each lesson is laid out so thoroughly, step-by-step, you can succeed with this science program even if you are "science-shy" or have no science background yourself. No lab equipment is required. Materials are inexpensive and should be available locally.

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