God's Design for Sex Series

Too often young people first hear about sex from their friends, other people, or on TV, and most often sex is portrayed wrongly. The authors of this series encourage parents to be the first to discuss sex with their children and to present it in the way that God intended. They have created this series to help instill appropriate knowledge of this gift from God from a young age and to guide you through answering and dealing with tough questions about sex as kids get older.

The core book in the series, How and When to Tell Your Children About Sex, is written for the parent to give them information and advice on discussing sex with their children. The four additional books are written at a child's level, and are intended to be read and discussed together. The Story of Me strives to lay the necessary spiritual foundation for a child's understanding of sexuality. It is written as a dialogue between a young child and his parents, where he asks questions about the story of himself and his parents answer with an emphasis on the goodness of God and His plan for men and women. The second book, Before I Was Born, reads as a story and shares God's plan in creating male and female and explains how they were each made different and the changes that occur to each when growing up. It also covers God's plan for marriage and the wonderful gift of sex that God gave to married people, as well as the basic process of how a baby is formed and grows and birthed.

The main purposes of the third book, What's the Big Deal?, are to build on the spiritual foundation of sex in the first two books, help you clearly explain to your children why God intends sex for married couples only, and to build a healthy understanding of sexuality that will stand against the negative and wrong ideas about sex received from the secular world. This book is similar to the first in that the text is a dialogue between two older children and their parents, and it deals with subjects such as sex outside of marriage, AIDS, homosexuality, God's response to wrong, puberty, sexual abuse, and other important sexual issues. The last book in the series, Facing the Facts, is written for your student to read by themselves, but the authors strongly encourage you to also read it and discuss the material. This book provides a thorough, appropriate description of the differences between male and female bodies, the changes that come with puberty as well as how a woman gets pregnant and gives birth. It then focuses on difficult areas such as saving sex for marriage and love and dating, and it provides some solid answers to tough questions about sexual issues.

Take some advice from the authors and don't wait for your children to ask you about sex as a result of something they heard; rather, be proactive and lay the foundation from a young age so that your children grow up appreciating, understanding, and respecting this gift from God. ~ Steph

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