Progress English Language Arts

This easy-to-use course incrementally boosts specific reading, writing, and oral skills. Select topics based on student need, or use the full text for the year as an overview course. Progress ELA is a good option for a student needing to strengthen specific skills or get to grade level. Each of the theme-centered units follows a pattern: from guided instruction and practice to independent practice. With the magazine-style designed worktext, students learn to read, respond to, engage with, and compose, focusing on specific ELA goals (such as interpreting meaning, identifying details, etc.) in either fiction or nonfiction. The grade-level learning is bite-sized, building on and reinforcing previous skills. The required teacher manual uses a wrap-around format, with teaching tips, standards correlations, and questions at point of use. Includes rubrics and charts for grading and answers (when applicable). Note: the TM references online components that aren’t available and aren’t needed for home use. Monitor a child’s overall mastery throughout the year with Benchmark Assessments: a set of 3-4 exams which include multiple choice, short answer, and short essay response exercises. The Assessment Teacher’s Guides provide correlations, test directions, and small format student pages with answers. ~ Ruth

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