Grade 1 (Alice and Jerry)

These colorful kits give children the opportunity to learn and practice basic handwriting strokes necessary for learning how to print. Each kit contains thirteen two-sided durable wipe-on/wipe-off cards (for a total of 26 activities) and a box of eight crayons. Pre-Printing Practice teaches the nine strokes necessary for learning how to print, such as tall straight lines, slanted up lines, slanted down lines, circles, smiling and frowning strokes, and more. Print Alphabet Letters incorporates the pre-printing strokes into letters of the alphabet, beginning with straight-line letters (such as I, T, and L) and moving on to more complicated letters. To form the pre-writing and letter strokes, students trace dotted lines among cute and colorful graphics. These cards can be used with write and wipe markers or crayons-both wipe off easily so the cards can be used again and again. ~ Lisa

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Grades: 1
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