Engaging Language Kits

There's bound to be times when you'll wish for activities like these - something to make language arts just a little bit more interesting and practical. Designed to coordinate with the Sequential Spelling levels, these could also be used as a standalone hands-on language arts supplement. Each Kit is packaged in a small binder and provides worksheets for daily writing, dictation and comprehension activities as well as word games plus a Sample Weekly Planner that pulls everything together showing the coordination with Sequential Spelling. Writing Prompts include 20 full-color photos (example: a multi-turreted building that might be a castle or a religious edifice or a crime scene or . . . .), 12 provocative quotes (such as Aristotle's "Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity"), and five story time suggestions (set-ups for writing a story using certain words). Dictation and Comprehension activities include sage sayings (five collections of five sayings that serve as dictation and discussion vehicles) and seven idiom worksheets where the student draws pictures to illustrate its meaning (i.e. "cut to the chase"). The last type of activity is grouped as word games. Some of these are familiar - word searches and scrambled words - but a few were new to me. Speech to Spelling are phonetically-spelled sentences that must be re-written into proper English (what a great idea!). Family Reunion is an activity reuniting strings of letters that have been removed from words. In addition to this varied collection of activities, appendices in the back provide additional activities in each category. Use these activities to round out your language arts experience or tie them into other products from AVKO, such as Individualized Typing (available for purchase) or Readings for Comprehension (downloadable files from the AVKO website). Even more additional activities are available from AVKO with a membership ($25/year or $50/lifetime). About 150 pgs ~ Janice

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