Insect Collecting Supplies

Maybe you have a junior entomologist or just need supplies to do a bug collection for science or 4H - you've come to the right place. This selection of supplies offers a few of the tools necessary for specimen preparation and display.

After collecting and preparing your specimens, you will want to mount and display them for easy viewing. The Spreading Board Kit includes a 5"x 8 ¼" foam spreading board, #3 insect pins (about 100), plastic tweezers, and a pamphlet of instructions. When mounting moths, butterflies, dragonflies, or any other insect with larger wings, there is the extra step of positioning the wings and allowing them to dry. The spreading board has a groove down the center in which you position and pin the body of the insect. Lay each wing flat and pin strips of paper over them so they will dry correctly. After drying your insects, mounting them in a display box is the next step. The Tray w/ Clear Clover (54465) measures 12"x 17" and is 2 ½" deep, made of sturdy cardboard with a clear plastic cover or lid. A ½" piece of foam fits into the bottom of the tray for easy mounting. This tray makes collection transportation a bit more convenient and protects your specimens. If you need more pins, #3 pins are available and are better suited for medium and larger specimens. These pens are made of stainless steel, are moisture resistant, and will not rust. Have fun as you build your insect collection and enjoy learning about the field of entomology.

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