Animal Classifying Cards

These 24 - 5" x 7" cards have stunning photographs of animals on the front and facts on the back. They list the animal name, class, habitat, geographic location, size, body covering, and diet. There is also a SuperFact. What an easy way to learn about animals from all over the world! Children can sort the cards in several ways. Once they are sorted, you can ask questions such as "How are they alike?" "How are they different?". It would also be fun to just let the kids see the photograph and let them tell you the name of the animal and anything they know about it. You can gear your questions towards any age group to make them simple for the very young or more difficult for the older kids. There are four different packs to mix and match. A nice card enclosed in each pack with hints and ideas. I really like these as there is enough basic information on each card without getting too technical and overloaded. These would be fun to take on road trips, overnight camping trips and more! ~ Phyllis

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