Incredible Animal Series

These Raintree Freestyle books by John Townsend are full of facts and full-color photographs of all kinds of animals. Each book includes info on various species and details on habitats, diets, animal anatomy, mating behavior, danger to humans, defense mechanisms, and more. There is a great emphasis in the books on protecting environments and endangered species. Several photos are included on each page, showing close-ups of a wide variety of animals in each book. Text boxes identify the animals in each picture, and the easy to read text shares interesting information about the creatures. Scientific or more complex words in the text are bolded and then defined at the bottom of each page and in the glossary. When discussing the origin of the animals, a few sentences supporting evolution are included in a few of the books. The full-color pages and fascinating pictures make this series ideal for younger students, while the interesting facts will appeal to slightly older ones. Each book is 56 pages, softcover. ~ Rachel

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