Everything You Need to Know About Flapbooks

Have you ever wondered about all the fuss over lapbooks? Or possibly you think lapbooks would be an awesome learning tool but find yourself overwhelmed at the innumerable options available? Let me introduce you to Flapbooks™ from Jennifer Steward (Steward Ship)! A Flapbook™ is essentially a lapbook or project folder- renamed simply to better identify the activities your students will partake in-that of creating flaps and folds! The only guide you will ever need to successfully integrate Flapbooks™ into your home, this book contains supply lists, black-and-white illustrations and instructions for creating a flapbook for any subject or study. Step by step instructions are given for creating the flapbook folder, flap add-ons, an assortment of folds-including tri-folds, center flaps and layered flaps, adding an information wheel, movable parts, pockets and envelopes and a variety of ideas for adding depth to your flapbook. With a focus on individual creativity, the author provides ideas and suggestions along with her practical “how-to” information, but rather than focusing on an exact step by step approach for creating a flapbook, she provides ideas for students to create a flapbook reflecting their own personality and ingenuity. A sample flapbook is included with the “Everything you need to know about Flapbooks” for the visual learner who will benefit from seeing a finished product. Comb-bound book contains 19 pages of instruction.

Also available to help you organize and jump start your Flapbook™ are paper packs which includes enough material to create eight Flapbooks. Each pack includes eight file folders, eight 11x17” sheets, four sheets of colored paper and four sheets of cardstock, 16 1/4” sheets, and precut cardstock for side flaps (already scored and ready to fold). The American History Pack includes four red and four blue folders along with a variety of white, tan, red, blue and gray materials. The Bright Color Paper Pack contains a variety of colored papers

A great alternative for younger children who are not yet ready to write voluminous papers or for the older child who would like a fresh way to “show their work”, these versatile project tools are vital for teachers and parents seeking to introduce lapbooks into the various subject areas. Deanne

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