Bioluminescence Coloring Book & DVD

"Coloring Book" just sounds like a complete understatement looking at this book. It's huge! Well, I mean, it's a very large (12" x 18 ½"), book with 25 double-sided pages featuring a great many of the bioluminescing (is that a word?) life forms of the world. It's not exactly "coloring," because kids get to paint these creatures with fluorescent paints. Bioluminescence occurs in many different habitats all over the world, from fireflies to glow worms, and then to huge amounts of deep-sea dwelling animals where the capacity to create one's own light provides an advantage over relative blindness at those depths. Many species are depicted on each page, against a black background, while the species are explained in greater detail, including painting instructions on the opposite side of the previous page for easy reference. Each outlined animal contains parts depicted with slightly different patterns to signify that they are to be painted in a different color. When completed, the bioluminescent animals "glow" against the black background.

The complementary DVD is 28 minutes in length and journeys with scientists as they dive to depths of several thousand feet, examining the predominance of bioluminescent animals found at that depth. Many of the animals from the coloring book are depicted, as the narrator explains how bioluminescence in deep sea environments are beneficial as communication, to attract prey, to hide from prey, to attract a mate, and possibly for other uses as well. The fish and other organisms in the DVD are shown using their bioluminescence in all of these ways, besides some awesome segments where scientists mix together the chemicals responsible for this light in test tubes to make an amazing array of glowing colors. - Jess

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