Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules for Kids

You use a schedule to lay out your tasks for the day. Why not make it easy for your kids to do the same! This system uses magnets that show various daily events or chores – Make Bed, Lunch, Brush Teeth, etc. Just place them on the two-sided board (daisy or tree) in time order so that the child sees the plan for the day. The attractive write-and-wipe board includes marker, space for child’s name, a To Do column and a Done column if your child likes to “check off” completed tasks, and it can be hung up using the included lace or placed on a magnetic surface like the refrigerator. System includes 18 basic magnets, including one make-your-own. Three optional sets are also available for even more options.

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Item # 003622
Grades: PK-7
Retail: $13.99
Our Price: $4.70
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