Spotter's Guides

This beautifully-illustrated series of field guides provides students and amateur "spotters" with the basics they need to identify constellations, rocks, and more. Each guide begins with some general information about the topic and a discussion of any features that make different species or types easy to spot. The following field guide section features several different subjects on each page, each with a detailed, full-color illustration, name, and some other specific information. If the subject has different features that aid in identification, then the different parts are illustrated as well. But wait - what's the point of learning to find all these different types of organisms if you can't show off that you've seen them? Just for this purpose, each entry also features a blank circle to "check off" the item when you've seen it, and to carry this further, there is a chart found at the back of each book that functions both as a sighting scorecard and as a spotting journal. Each item in the field guide is assigned a point value, and when you've seen it, you can check it off on the card, and enter a date as well. Each guide is 64 pages long and small enough to fit in a big pocket (or backpack) for your "spotting" hikes.

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