Pearson Literature Homeschool Bundles (2015 Ed.)

 Excellent literature selections - the heart of this program. Academically challenging - the method of this program. Blended (i.e. hardcopy text + online resources) - the format of this program. If you're looking for a literature program that will instruct your student through comprehension, literary analysis, literary response writing, vocabulary, and presentation options, this is definitely one to consider. With detailed scaffolding through the series (i.e. teaching skills thoroughly and building on them through grade levels so the student is able to conquer increasingly challenging literature selections), each aspect of literary skills is presented, expanded, modeled, and mastered. Close Reading is emphasized through each level and each course. With examples (short passages that are presented with notes) and stair-step assignments, the student is guided through the process of analyzing a reading selection. Reading assignments at all grade levels feature both context vocabulary development and academic vocabulary. Authors are introduced by short biographical sketches. Literary analysis is comprehensive, thorough and builds toward writing assignments. Comprehension questions are built into sidebar comments providing ongoing checkpoints of understanding. Literature selections are diverse, featuring both classic and contemporary authors. Themes are wide-ranging and thought-provoking.

Obviously, these courses have much to offer, and strong language arts students wanting a college-bound challenge will welcome their seriousness. However, you will need to have a tolerance for current standards-based goals and objectives as well as an appreciation for detailed expectations. That being said, there is a rhythm and a pattern to the units and lessons that helps to ease the initial sense of bewilderment that might be felt by someone coming newly to these methods.

Grade-level bundles include a hardcover student text and a digital access pack which includes online access to an eTeacher Edition, an eStudent Edition, online literature library, videos, editable worksheets, assessments and more.

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