Bible & Inspirational Reward Charts and Stickers

FACT: Kids love stickers.

FACT: Kids need motivation.

CONCLUSION: Use stickers to motivate kids.

PROBLEM: Stickers alone end up on the floor, on furniture, and eventually in the trash.

SOLUTION: Have kids place stickers on colorful, appealing, coordinated backgrounds, posted where all can see!

We introduce these incentive charts with stickers. Now, when a child successfully memorizes a Bible verse, finishes a unit study, completes chores cheerfully, or accomplishes some such great feat, he/she can “fill in” his background picture with stickers to make a colorful and (hopefully, even crowded) scene. Each sticker pack contains plenty of stickers so, if you have more than one child, you may want to purchase additional charts separately. Seasonal sets have stickers of children playing on a corresponding seasonal chart background.

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Grades: K-6
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