Drop Around the World

This fun book tells the story of a single drop of rain that falls to earth, travels around, evaporates into air, and then repeats the process. The drop travels to different counties, is drunk, made into snow, absorbed into trees, and helps fill the ocean. The story is told in a rhyming format with full-page, colorful illustrations. An entertaining story, it also touches on weather, geography, clouds, and the water purification process.

The teacher guide that correlates with the storybook points out these educational aspects of the books. It is divided into 3 sections. Water Magic gives 7 lesson plans about the water cycle, properties of water, and the role of water on the earth and in our lives. World Habitats gives background information and maps on 7 habitats giving a description of the characteristics of the plants, animals, and people in them. The Skills for Living section gives 8 lesson plans about character qualities that water teaches, such as vitality, calmness, responsibility, and flexibility. A 6 week unit plan is covered in the teacher guide, along with suggestions for additional student projects. ~ Rachel S.

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