Who would've thought you could build things with suction cups? Squigz are colorful silicone rubber pieces that take the lowly suction cup to a whole new level. Each piece consists of a ball with at least one post and suction cup attached to it. They're flexible and stick well to a variety of surfaces (and each other). Stack them vertically to build a tower, horizontally to make a bridge, or use a combination of both to invent your own wacky creatures. Use them in the bathtub, on walls or windows, or even on your forehead if so inclined! There are 8 shapes with a variety of suction cup "sides" and colors. Kick off your collection with the Starter Set (24 pieces) or the Deluxe Set (50 pieces), then add more pieces with various add-on sets. In no time you'll be building all kinds of weird and wacky constructions!

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