Astronomy - Space Sand

This didn't seem all that interesting until I read all the interesting and fun things to do with it. The best thing to do with this is the water experiment. Fill a glass part way with water and add a little sand and watch it float on top, then add a lot and it sinks to the bottom and you can sculpt with it and create all kinds of cool forms, etc. Now is where the most awesome thing happens. Take a spoon and dip some out and as the air hits it, it is automatically DRY! It is just so awesome that anyone who came by my desk, I had to show them! I know, it doesn't take much to entertain me, I've heard it before. Anyway, this is cool stuff. Space Sand is ordinary sand that has been exposed to the vapors of a silicon compound called Trimethylhyroxysilane. This process changes the composition of the surface of the sand and makes it un-bondable with water - hydrophobic (water fearing). This is the closest thing to sand from Mars! The soil on Mars is a reddish color, very dry and resembling dusty sand. It exhibits hydrophobic properties at first. It is theorized that this is because it has not been exposed to water in a very long time. Space Sand is being used in experiments covering the Mars Exploration. There are several other uses listed for Space Sand on the package with other experiments too, or you can explore it on your own. Several different colors are available, so it would be fun to get a clear, glass container, buy different colors, add water and begin creating. If you aren't happy with your creation or tire of it, just start over! Have fun - I did! ~Phyllis

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